International Operations

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Operations in countries outside of the United States may create tax liabilities for the University while conducting activities in those countries and for University employees and/or University contractors performing services in those countries. A determination of the liabilities relating to each country can only be done on a case by case basis. The Tax Management Office utilizes the services of the Program and Strategy Alliance of the University to address these issues.

Through Global Operations, the Tax Management Office works with the units across campus to assure comprehensive and timely response to international operations questions in the areas of tax, banking and cash management, purchasing, legal, human resources, and compliance. For further information, contact Kevin Dostal Dauer, the Director of Health, Safety, and Compliance.

The Universtiy of Minnesota does not have a VAT (Value Added Tax) Number. For information about the VAT Number, go to the Tax Management Office Guidline TMOG #6 (pdf).