Tax Management at the U

The University Tax Management Office is a consulting office that supports University departments with their business tax needs.

The TMO Annual Report for FY20 is available for review.

In accordance with IRS regulations, the University Tax Management Office does not provide personal tax advice. To determine any issues with your personal taxes, please contact a personal tax advisor or the IRS. You can also check out the students and parents information page for some helpful resources.

Current W-9 and ST3

These are the University of Minnesota's current forms:

If you receive a request for a SUBSTITUTE W-9 form (not the standard IRS form above), please call or email the Tax Management Office for assistance in completing the form: 612-624-1053 or

Exclusion of Education Benefits as Working Condition Fringe

Employees using the Regents Scholarship Program may want to consider whether an income tax exclusion applies to the value of the benefit in excess of $5,250. For more information, see the Instructions for the Application for Exclusion of Education Benefits as Working Condition Fringe (pdf). If you are unable to get signatures on the application due to COVID-19 working arrangements, please attach email approvals to the application from the Applicant and the HR Lead when the application is submitted by the Supervisor.

Purchasing in Other States

Do you travel to other states to make purchases for the University of Minnesota? If so, you should check out the University's tax status in your destination state; we may be exempt from paying sales taxes on those purchases. This map does not apply to on-line purchases made through the Amazon Business Account when items are shipped out of Minnesota.