Retailer Exemption Numbers

Some retailers have set up systemwide accounts you will want to reference when making tax exempt purchases. We have listed these numbers and retailers below. Not all retailers use this method for processing tax exempt purchases. Instead, some prefer to set up separate accounts for each billing/shipping address, while others process payments at the register without additional paperwork.

Remember: All exempt purchases must be paid for by the University directly, using the University PCard, University Travel Card, or a University of Minnesota check. Employees cannot claim an exemption for purchases made from their personal funds, even if receiving reimbursement later.

You should make tax exempt purchases in person. Most of these accounts were initiated for in-store purchasing and are not accepted for online purchases.

Best Buy

Accounts are set up by billing address (separate co-account for each department/unit). In order for this to be accomplished, Best Buy requires that you contact Dan Heinecke at Best Buy, Government & Education Purchasing, to set up a tax exempt co-account at 612-282-9811, fax 952-430-0209, or email

Cub Foods

Cub Foods Stores use a store by store system of customer account cards. Unfortunately, this system is difficult for such a large and decentralized organization as the University of Minnesota. We recommend you bring this letter and the exemption certificate with you when making purchases at Cub Foods stores in Minnesota. If they insist on creating a tax exemption card, please make sure it is sent to your specific department address, not to the address listed on the ST-3 form. Remember that our exemption does not apply to prepared food, candy, or soft drinks.


Dell offers computer desktop, notebook, and server systems which run variants of the Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems as well as related software and peripherals. For information about ordering educationally discounted computers, devices, and accessories for departments, contact the Office of Information Technology or 1-HELP (612-301-4357), or email

Departments: Please go to U Market, click the Shop Now button and log in to place your order.

Home Depot

Reference this exemption #1410432922 when making purchases in the store or online. Departments: Please go to U Market, click the Shop Now button and log in to place your order.

Menards and Fleet Farm

Menards and Fleet Farm are currently revising the way they handle tax-exempt purchases. University of Minnesota employees are not authorized to set up sales tax-exempt accounts individually at these retailers. Only the Tax Management Office is authorized to declare our tax-exempt status.

We are currently exploring our options relating to changes made by Menards and Fleet Farm. We will provide revised guidance on our website as soon as possible. Meanwhile, please contact the Tax Management Office if you need to make large purchases at Menards or Fleet Farm or if you have other questions.

Micro Center

Micro Center Computers & Electronics has a special procedure that needs to be follwed to make in-store tax exempt purchases. Micro Center cannot process tax exempt purchases online.