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Tax Management Office Mission

The University of Minnesota Tax Management Office is a consulting group that supports University (U) departments with their business tax needs. Our mission includes:

  • Managing tax compliance for the U;
  • Responding to U community tax questions, conducting tax research as necessary, and advising regarding tax planning options and consequences;
  • Issuing Tax Management Office Guidelines (TMOGs) to assist departments in understanding and complying with tax laws;
  • Contributing to policy, procedure, and reporting system development to incorporate and automate tax requirements;
  • Serving as the U’s primary liaison with federal and state tax authorities;
  • Following federal and state tax legislative initiatives, identifying the impact of proposals on the U, and communicating tax law changes;
  • Outreach to the U community and other higher ed institutions locally, statewide, and nationally.


The University Tax Management Office is a consulting office that supports University departments with their business tax needs and cannot give advice in personal tax matters. 

Tax Management Office
2221 University Ave, SE, Suite 100
Minneapolis, MN 55414
Main Office: 612-624-1053
Fax: 612-626-1886

Federal Tax ID #41-6007513


Quick Links:

W-9 & ST3

Use these links to download the ST3, Minnesota Revenue Certificate of Exemption, and Form W-9, IRS Request for Taxpayer Identification and Certification. Please complete as indicated.

If you receive a request for a SUBSTITUTE W-9 form (not the standard IRS form above) please call or email the Tax Management Office for assistance in completing the form.


Purchasing in Other States

Do you travel to other states to make purchases for the U of MN? If so, you should check out the University's tax status in your destination state - we may be exempt from paying sales taxes on those purchases. Visit our page on "Making Purchases in Other States."

Purchasing at

You can find information regarding and the Minnesota sales tax exemption at this link: information


See what's new in local sales tax rates here.



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