Educational Tax Benefits

EMPLOYEES: See the Instructions for the Application for Exclusion of Education Benefits as Working Condition Fringe(pdf) for possible income tax exclusion.

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This page is a resource for University of Minnesota students and their parents who may be eligible for education related tax benefits. Click on the links below for helpful information and resources. Please check the tax year on the PDF carefully, as some links are not yet updated by the IRS.

The University Tax Management Office is a consulting office that supports University departments with their business tax needs and cannot give advice in personal tax matters.

In accordance with IRS regulations, the University Tax Management Office does not provide personal tax advice. To determine your eligibility for a higher education tax credit, a student loan interest deduction or a deduction for qualified education expenses, please contact a personal tax advisor or the IRS.

1098-T Assistance & Contact Information

Missing a 1098-T, was it lost/destroyed, incorrect name, name change needed, incorrect address, address change needed, or have a question about the reported dollar amount? If your question is not answered on our Frequently Asked Questions page, please contact the team for your campus:


Twin Cities: 612-624-1111 or 1-800-400-8636 or email: or website:
Crookston: Business Office 218-281-8331 or email:
Duluth: 218-726-8000 or email: or website:
Morris: 320-589-6046 or 1-800-992-8863 or email: or website:
Rochester: 507-258-8069 or email: or website:


The University of Minnesota is unable to provide you with individual tax advice. If you have questions, please seek the counsel of an informed tax preparer or financial advisor.